How the website works

##How it works

The RestyGWT documentation and site is created using Scalate and is stored in git in the same source control system as the code

Note: For code highlighting you will need to install

Editing the source code

If you grab the source code you will find the site source in the resty-gwt-website directory. The website is also built using Maven so, you would

cd resty-gwt-website
mvn install

If you want to edit the files in your text editor and be able to immediately see the site re-rendered in a browser then use

mvn jetty:run

You can now surf the site and see changes immediately.

If you are on OS X then we highly recommend TextMate as a great editor which supports Textile and Markdown

Deploying the site

The site is automatically deployed by the CI builds, so you can simply wait for the changes to be automatically pushed to the project site.

You can manually deploy the site using Maven:

mvn deploy

Since deployment to our webserver requires proper authorization, you will need to add an entry to your ~/.m2/settings.xml file simlilar to: