Get the latest source code

Source Repository

The restygwt project stores its source code in a Git repository. If you are new to Git you might like to try the Git guide for subversion users or have a look at the Git community book.

The Git repository is here:

You can browse the repository online if you prefer.

How to Checkout

You must first install a Git client. Then you clone the repository using the Git URL:

git clone
cd resty-gwt

Now you probably want to try build the restygwt code

Contributing patches

If you are not yet a committer but want to contribute some patch (we love contributions!) here’s how you can submit patches

We gladly accept patches if you can find ways to improve, tune or fix restygwt in some way.

Most IDEs can create nice patches now very easily. e.g. in Eclipse just right click on a file/directory and select Team -> Create Patch. Then just save the patch as a file and then submit it. (You may have to click on Team -> Share... first to enable the Subversion options). Incidentally if you are an Eclipse user you should install the subclipse plugin.

If you’re a command line person try the following to create the patch

diff -u >> patchfile.txt


svn diff >> patchfile.txt

Submitting patches

The easiest way to submit a patch is to create a new issue at our Issue Tracker, attach the patch, tick the Patch Attached button on the issue then fire off an email to the mailing lists.

Next steps

Once you have checked out the code try following