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Version 2.1.1

* fixed regressions around JsonTypeIdResolver which got introduced
  with version 2.1.0

Version 2.1.0

* remove the copied jackson sources and use source artifacts via
* better handling of null object in serialization
* treat all enum values of JsonTypeInfo.As and warn on not
implemented ones.
* Modified AbstractRequestCallback response text logging from FINE
* Fix deserialization for boolean fields.
* Created FailedResponseException which contains the Response
* Add autodetection of Json/text for @Consumes annotation.
* Add autodetection of text for @Produces annotation
* Add property to enable autodetection of Json/text using @Consumes and @Produces annotation
* Fix for Jersey: Json array with 1 element is serialized as
* To turn off the header 'X-HTTP-Method-Override' I added the
attribute 'addXHttpMethodOverrideHeader' to the Defaults class.
* better handling of JsonIgnore annotation
* improved JsonTypeIdResolver for concrete leaf types

Version 2.0.2

* Fix GWT 2.7 incremental super dev mode when using RestyJsonTypeIdResolve
* Add support for JacksonAnnotationInside

Version 2.0.1

* fixes problem with JavaSourceCategory no longer being public in GWT-2.7.0
* Generated Code fix: The "next" method must have only one return statement.
* JsonTypeInfo and JsonSubTypes annotations must not be searched on current class only. Theses annotations must be searched on the current class, on all parent classes and interfaces.
* Allow specifying timezone for date/time string conversions
* fixing issue with IE sending "undefined" in the body of POST, PUT or DELETE request if no data is set to the request
* in ServiceRoots: urls ending with slashes are properly handled now
* add XMLTransient as as supported annotation to ignore fields and methods

Version 2.0

* create ExceptionMapper class to allow the application to customize how the exceptions are created
* Update Jackson annotations to version 2.4
* Use default timeout only if it was not already set through the @Options(timeout =) annotation.
* Add support for JacksonAnnotationsInside.
* Allow abstract methods in Enums

Version 1.5

* allow to use base64 byte arrays if configured in Defaults
* do not url-escape path-params which are already a complete url
* add support for @JsonValue on enums
* service root urls can now be set for several services with the ServiceRoots class
* Enums in @FormParams should not be enclosed in quotes
* Handling QueryListTypes in Forms
* handle Collections as Lists in QueryParams and in FormParms
* Allow collections as keys in maps
* handle Collections as Lists in QueryParams and in FormParams
* List, Set, and OrderedSet in form should be handled as per jax-rs standard
* add collection support for interfaces
* add Dispatcher to subresource
* Maps: Don't decode key if map key type is String

Version 1.4

* fix generated enum serializer with @JsonSubTypes.
* better support decoding of Long using strings
* fix getField can throw assertion error
* added custom serializer generators configurable via module XML
* supports normal inheritance, subtypes can be listed recursively
* fix naming for inner classes
* getters and setters do not need a matching field
* @JsonIgnore works on fields or the setter or the getter
* allow Attribute annotation expression to return null value
* encode/decode nested arrays, lists, sets and maps as fields or property of a pojo
* move all GWT.log to use java.util.logging.Logger
* make the URLencode working with null values as well
* url encode PathParam
* Support default value for @JsonTypeInfo property
* Add support for JsonDeserialize for interfaces
* allow RestService to return a JsonpRequest/Request, can be used to cancel the request
* Fixed 204 not handled roperly for MSIE 8 and 9
* reduces overall logging
* Fixed serializing lists and arrays using @FormParams.
* make the resource creation lazy inside restService impl - helps GIN setup
* let rest-service use default dispatcher from Defaults when none is set on interface
* added DirectRestService interfaces - allow to reuse interface from server and call them in async manner from the client.