This page contains all the frequently asked questions about the RestyGWT project.

General Questions

General questions on the RestyGWT project.

Why the name RestyGWT?

What is the license?

The license is Apache 2 License

How do I get support?

See the support guide for more details.

How do I build Scalate?

First get the source then see the building guide

Why does the Maven build not download jars?

The default profile in maven does not include remote repos, so make sure you add the download profile when building for the first time. First get the source then see the building guide.

mvn install -P download

How do I contribute or become a committer?

We love contributions! More details on how to contribute and how to become a committer are in the contributing guide.

How does the website work?

For details on how to edit the website and how it works see How the Site works

Using RestyGWT

How do I get started?